Routes Optimization and Cost Reduction benefits

The daily routes Traveled by car companies are not always the most profitable. In reality, visits to clients and at times the paths are left to the driver, who specifies the route due to their interests, such as lunch at a private issue or home. These variations represent a waste of km, which leads to high cost for businesses. Generally, the Companies perform 30% or 20% more miles for not adhering to a planning and management of routes.

Route Optimizing Software

Look at a vehicle with:

  • EUR 500 monthly leasing (or depreciation) and insurance;
  • Total of 3500 mph;
  • Average consumption of 12 liters per 100 km
  • Price of 1.08 EUR per liter of petrol

We will obtain a Price Tag per kilometer of 0.27 EUR. Is the business unnecessary for each mile a route that is terrible planning? The solution to this An effective path planning carries out waste, ordering the sequence of requests for vehicles carrying the miles potential. You must ensure That preparation then either to intervene not giving rise, and is completed. Thinking about the Price Per km computed over, and a car, which now carries about 3,500 mph, has a 20% decrease in mph, the organization will have a cost savings of approximately EUR 190, which in represent an annual savings of nearly EUR 2300.

Systems Fleet Management

There are fleet Now GPS and Direction location Route optimalisatie systems that configure paths to be able to maximize the path in addition to detailed information about the path taken.

An efficient fleet Management allows a business optimizes routes, eliminating the period of misuse of vehicles by employees, to decrease spending on gasoline, and increase responsiveness. This increases productivity and decrease costs. Thus emerged the need To be able to demonstrate the significance of, to make a blog Effective fleet management and improve the company environment.

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