The Power of Shayari with Emotions in Poets

Romantic poetry uses words, rhythm, imagery, and metaphor to express feelings with lyricism meant to kiss the heart of its recipient. It is never out of style. Since the dawn of modern culture, poetry was written to bring understanding to profound, heartfelt thoughts, desires and unvoiced sentiments. It allows us to speak our hearts, without uttering a word. The tradition of romantic poems goes back some thirty-five centuries past when Arab love poems told the stories of longing for unattainable women, who, at the moment, were segregated from the rest of society. Yes, we could trace the development and value of those love expressions throughout the European minstrels, ancient Egyptian and Greek poets and at the wonderful love stories far and wide.myrelist

There is a universal understanding that poetry is a very unique way of communicating our ideas; of allowing that particular person to grasp our inner most emotions. As part of the courtship ritual, poetry has survived the test of time in its ability to reveal affection, love and consuming passion. We do not need to look any farther than the heart-wrenching love story of Cyrano and Roxanne to love how poetry defined their interactions. The written word can put our emotional state into an expressive form that might not be as readily voiced. We have got the opportunity to pick the words and phrases as they make sense from the desirous, longing, love captivated, sorrowful state we are in. We can provide deep thought to how that individual makes us feel and the way they talk to our soul.

The cadence or rhythm sets the tone which sweeps the reader into a country of mind  that is open to getting its message, be that fast and flowing, lilting and smooth or arresting and heavy. We are telling a story with myrelist  line by line. The pictures are laid out, Painting the images that give form to what we are attempting to communicate. Your story has a certain focus. The words you choose will make a collage of pictures that reflect how you are thinking and feeling about that condition.

The rich metaphors create an experience that is mysterious, yet so intimate. Poems can express the many stages of your connection. Whether you write yourself or pick one from another source, it is going to reflect where you think your relationship is and most likely, where you want it to be. Do not be intimidated by the concept of putting your ideas on paper, this is for the person closest to your heart, not for publication.

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