Alpha Survivalist – More Important Than You Know

Alpha Survivalist is not something that most people really know or consider.  It is merely a movement of a group of individuals or a couple of individuals that are actively prepared for emergencies. Individuals who exercise survivalist prepare themselves for natural disasters hurricanes, tornadoes, man-made disasters chemical spills, nuclear explosions ,social disasters civil unrest because of lack of available resources, fiscal disasters economic collapse, in addition to global pandemics.

The survivalist movement arose during the cold war, when dangers of atomic warfare threatened the fabric of the English life style. This motion has risen and fallen in popularity over the years, with peaks showing around national or global distress

Although the heart of Alpha Survivalist still thrives in that core concept it has radically changed from its original meaning. Survivalists now choose to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally in a variety of environments.

They test their ability to live in the wild which many  cannot survive in. These individuals often find themselves in peak physical conditions either because of or in preparation to survive in such difficult problems.


Survivalist still has preparedness at its heart and survivalist will train themselves to be ready for both harsh jungle conditions and urban survival scenarios. This means being able to survive the wilderness and survive a catastrophe in a town, such as nuclear war or food shortages

The typical survival kit will include:

  • a water purifier
  • some sort of shelter
  • fire starters
  • clothes
  • meals
  • medical supplies
  • indicating equipment
  • a top quality survival knife

Nevertheless, some more skilful survivalists will restrict these items to solely a fire starter and a knife. Those with even more expertise will proceed without a single bit of helping gear. These methods are not recommended for novices and are certainly not suggested for people who have not had basic survival training in some reliable way boy scouts.  It is always best to begin where you are comfortable and have an emergency contact if you are going into the wilderness by yourself.

Survivalist is a useful and valuable movement irrespective of how you view it. On one hand you prepare yourself for several diverse sorts of crises and disasters and on the flip side you learn how to live in the wilderness with only yourself to rely on. One thing is clear however, to be a survivalist  it is always best to keep your body and mind in good shape, and always be ready for the worst.

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