Beautiful Hong Kong Beach Restaurant to a Busy Metropolis

Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most International cities, is often considered a busy metropolis where glittering skyscrapers and colossal shopping malls dominate the scene.  A post about The immaculate Shores of Hong Kong, therefore, seems more like an April’s fool joke than anything else, however, believe it or not, scenic shores do exist in Hong Kong, and they are definitely worth a visit.

This Report will take you of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches

1) Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay

These two shores stretch along the Coast of Hong Kong Island, between Stanley and Aberdeen, not. Repulse Bay Both features a hills background and a beautiful strip. The suburb on the slopes above the beach besides the typical variety of beach services, and resembles one of the well-to-do areas of Sydney or Monte Carlo, there are some fabulous ‘alfresco’ restaurants and cafes. Adjoining Deep Water Bay is less popular than its neighbor and makes, therefore, a fantastic choice for people who want somewhat more solitude. The hong kong beach restaurant is just as good, and so is the picturesque scenery.

Hong Kong Beach Restaurant

2) Stanley

The village-town of Stanley is Famous for its cliche-market and lovely beachfront promenade, but Stanley also boasts two beautiful beaches worth knowing about, namely: Stanley Main Beach on the eastern side of the peninsula, where you can enjoy the long sandy strip along with great swimming conditions, in addition to a properly equipped water sports center and St. Stephen’s Beach, south of Stanley Village, which is more pristine and boasts fine sand, clear water and beautiful beach walks.

3) Shek O Village

Occupying one of the most remote and Corners Shek O, on Hong Kong Island makes out. The title Shek O means Rocky Bay and really, the village sits along a beautiful rocky bay, with two sandy strips, south and north of the headland and click this site Besides basking in sunlight, you can enjoy some lovely restaurants and cafes, and a great nature walks into the rocky islet of Tai Tau Chau that is like a peninsula, connected to the village by bridge.

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