Audio, Visual and Lighting Solutions by Executive Group

Executive Group is an audio, visual, and lighting solution provider in Singapore.It offers it’s services to production and event companies, restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, wedding, etc.It has become a leading services provider for these services due to its top-rated types of equipment and on time installation. It has gained reputation by offering its audio system for large events singapore.

Services of Executive group

Sound Distribution and installation

The sound equipment is of top-notch,having the bestclarity and quality. The executive group understands the requirements for bringing a concert or party alive. It also has A1 DJ sets and DJ’s that rolls the party.

Light Distribution and Installation

Lights play an important role in cheering the mood.It rents the types of equipment of classic makers that bring a Sublime effect to the show. They understand the need and the lights are installed as per that.

LED Wall distribution and installation

LED walls bring the stage closer to the audience. The distributed screens are large in size and suitable for mega-events. The installation and setup made in a way that adds stars to the show.

Consultancy Services

The executive group offers consultancy services wherein it consults the client about the venue, stage, sound, lighting and every other aspect to setup an unforgettable show.

Executive Group has many years experience and has served with its services in some of the grand events of Singapore. Commonly audio systems in a large event in Singaporeare of Executive Group.

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