Learning Korean – Using English Grammar to Master the Korean Language

Excellent! It is an exotic language that is both enjoyable and interesting to find out. And while it is exotic, it is not complex. Actually, its grammar and also syntax were specifically designed to be basic and uncomplicated. They are, nevertheless, really various than the structures we use in English. As a result of this, it is necessary that you comprehend the essentials of English grammar and also syntax before learning the Korean language. This write-up will certainly show precisely  how having a grasp of standard English grammar will certainly aid you discover Korean, and also it will certainly offer you an English language refresher course to aid get you on your method to achieving your final goal, learning the Korean language.

Utilizing English Grammar to Understand Korean Sentence Structure

Prior to learning Korean it is essential that you recognize the basics of English. You need to understand the distinction, for instance, between nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives, and you must be able to explain subjects, bases, and posts. Why is this crucial? Since every little thing you with ease learn about English syntax is different in the Korean language, and being able to identify the distinction will greatly increase your understanding.

Look at this easy sentence:

English: I am an educator.

Oriental: Na neun I sunsangnim teacher imnida am.

Straight Korean to English translation: I educator am.

There are 2 simple but very vital differences in between the English variation of this sentence and the Korean one.

  1. There is a difference in syntax.

In English the framework is: Subject + Verb + Object.

In Korean the framework is: Subject + Object + Verb.

  1. There are no write-ups in the Korean sentence-and there never are.

Having the ability to recognize these basic distinctions in between both languages will enable you to master Korean much quicker and with far less effort. If you do not recognize the essentials of English, though, if cannot recall what short articles and also adverbs are, you will certainly not have the ability to acknowledge the grammatic distinctions, and it will certainly take you much longer to find out the Korean language.


The tieng han giao tiep da nang is an exotic and interesting language to discover. Its grammar and syntax are easy and uncomplicated, and also they are easy to learn, as long as you understand the essentials of English grammar and also sentence structure. Evaluation the fundamentals I have actually laid out above, and you will be well on your way to grasping the Korean language.

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