How to Take Care of Your Well Loved Antique Furniture?

There are Materials available in the marketplace which is beneficial in preserving sophistication and beauty of furniture. But when it comes to furniture, you want to be careful. While taking care of Antique Furniture, you have to pay heed to following points-

  • The furnishing should not be exposed in sun – To look after vintage furniture correctly, you should not keep them at any location where they may be subjected to direct sun as ultraviolet rays can cause a severe damage to the furniture. The pieces can degrade by damaging fabrics and its wood. In addition, it can put a negative influence on the paint of the furniture, like the paint is white, it may turn yellow.
  • Dusting of Furniture – dusting comes into some of the points which are essential for the proper care of furniture. A dusting that is continual keeps your bit glowing but increases its lifetime.
  • Keep your antique Furniture away from moisture – These collections of furniture can get influenced by moisture as change in humidity can result in contraction and an expansion in timber which is not good for the life span of furniture. It may slacken off the adhesive joints of the furniture and a greater level of humidity results in an infestation in furniture. To look after antique furniture from moisture, use of humidifier is advised. The impact of moisture reduces on your furniture.
  • Do not apply Furniture petroleum -‘Furniture oil is important for life of furniture,’ this is only a myth. Nonetheless, this oil raises the brightness of furniture but in a long term, it contributes to degradation of furniture. To look after antique hdb interior designer singapore, you must prevent using furniture oil.
  • An Attentive Handling and Moving – transferring and While managing your furniture, you need to check for damaged or wobbly joints. Furnishings should be moved as the chair rails must carry seats. If you look after your furniture, you need to avoid pulling of pieces. It should move by lifting rather than dragging if the item is too big to be carried by seat rails.
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